I see you. As strong as you are, there’s still something missing.


Maybe you’ve thrown yourself into your work so you don’t have time to deal with dating.

Maybe you over-give to get love.

Maybe you have tons of hobbies to distract yourself from love.

Maybe your heart strings pull you back to love, you’re just too afraid of being hurt.

Maybe you’ve built yourself up to being Wonder Woman so you don’t have to be vulnerable.

Maybe you’re afraid you’re damaged goods or that love just doesn’t work out for you.



If you feel like you’re walking around in circles, I will help you find the path.





Who says you can’t have it all? You deserve to love and be loved. To be that strong, independent woman who is respected and cherished by a quality man.



Who I Support:



Passionate women ready to find “The One” Driven women ready to upgrade their love lives Bold women ready to find love again.




Together, we can fuel your voice and spirit so that you can wake up every morning in a warm embrace of someone who loves you. We’ll get clarity on your deepest desires so you can attract someone who is your match in every which way. Through coaching, I can help you break through the blocks keeping you from having truly thriving romantic relationships.

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Jenna is an extraordinary talent. She helped me  realize where I am in my love life and where I’d like to be. She compassionately  provided me with the tools to improve my mindset in making my goals a reality. For someone who’s never been in a relationship to be able to find true love for myself and my partner has been an unbelievable experience. Jenna is thoughtful, intelligent and beyond insightful. I look forward to continuing working with Jenna.

– Jordan Risko



It’s not your fault. You didn’t make a wrong choice or do anything bad. You are a perfect, beautiful beacon of light just as you are. I want to hold up the mirror to your light. I want to help you pull back your layers so you can see how much of a rock star you really are. I want to help you move forward in your love life with a new vision that aligns with your true power. I help you figure out what you want in your love life, how to get it, and how to believe it’s possible. You can have it all, including the love life you want.



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