This is your one-stop-shop for ultimate clarity to a life of love and total fulfillment. I know that sometimes coaching can seem a little intimidating, especially when it comes to finding love. Here, will not only get a taste of the coaching process, but you will walk away with so much more!

In this course, you will:

  • Take the ELI Assessment (Energy Leadership Index)
  • Receive a personalized, 13-page booklet breaking down your unique energy levels and mindset patterns
  • Have three one-on-one coaching calls: One to talk about your energy patterns and how to shift them to meet your goals, and two follow up coaching calls to integrate, build on what you’ve learned, bust through blocks, and set up supportive, strategic plans to move forward.
You will experience the power of coaching like no one has before, all in just a matter of a few short weeks and small investment.

Who Is This For?

  • The woman who longs for deeper connection.
  • The woman who is ready to find “The One”
  • The woman who tries so hard to get back out there, but can’t seem to figure out how.
  • The woman who works day and night like a boss but is struggling to focus and balance the demands of the career and the personal life she’s trying to create.
  • The woman who wants a deeper understanding of what makes her original and appealing to high quality partners.
  • The woman who craves clarity around who she is and what sets her apart.
  • The woman who’s ready to stop feeling like she isn’t capable of having love when things don’t work out and wants to stay motivated even when hearts get broken.
  • The woman who wants to reclaim her voice and share it proudly.
  • The woman who’s in that stage of her life where she’s more interested in getting shit done her way instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead.

What is the ELI Assessment?

It’s like one of those Personality tests on steroids, but super accurate and it focuses on your energy or mindset. Essentially, there are 7 levels of energy, or 7 basic attitudes you can have toward anything in life: from relationships, to career decisions, to your body, your goals, your life’s purpose, etc. While most of us have a combination of energies, we typically fall into a pattern. The idea is that when we know the pattern, we can then take action to cater it to our needs. Before our first coaching call, you will receive your report of your unique energy/mindset patterns.


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